o.b. Super Non-Applicator Tampons

o.b.® Original Super

For moderate flow days (between 9 and 12g).

The soft, classic feel of o.b.® Original Super tampons. Sometimes it’s good to stay with what you love.

About o.b.® Original Super

Super Absorbency

o.b.® Original Super is best for moderate flow.


What to do after you open the box? View our step-by-step guide...


Step 1

Since your hands will be your primary tools here, definitely wash them!

Then take a look at your o.b.® tampon. Is it totally sealed? Good. (If not, don’t use it. Get another one.) Now find the colored tear strip and pull. Once you’ve done that, removing both ends of the wrapper is a breeze.

Next you’re going to find the string on one end of the tampon. Grab the string and pull it tight from left to right and top to bottom. This widens the base of the tampon, creating a nice and protected pocket for your finger. Which is great because your finger plays a starring role in our next step: Inserting the tampon.